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Phoenix 50 years in business
For over five decades, Phoenix Systems have shown dedication to transforming our clients' workplaces, optimising efficiency, and fostering growth. 
Our office, nestled in the heart of West Sussex on the Lancing Business Park, has been our home since 2010. Over the years, we have seen businesses evolve, technologies advance, and trends shift – and now, it’s our turn to adapt. 
At Phoenix Systems, we understand the importance of a well-designed workspace. Our office refurbishment reflects our commitment to creating an environment where productivity thrives, and ideas flourish. 
When we moved, we took an empty shell of an industrial unit and, true to our ethos of maximising space, quickly set to work fitting a mezzanine floor. This addition not only expanded our square footage but also allowed us to create distinct zones for various aspects of our business. 
Having fitted the office out 14 years ago it was well overdue for a facelift! 
The office space upstairs has always been more than just a workplace. 
It’s a ‘working showroom’ where every partition, piece of furniture, every kitchen unit, every carpeting choice, and every bespoke feature is a testament to the projects we deliver every day. It highlights the best our suppliers have to offer. 
Stepping into our revamped space, you will immediately sense the transformation. 
We have meticulously planned our office space to create an open plan, modern working space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, whilst maintaining the open and inviting atmosphere. Having built strong relationships with our suppliers they were more than willing to collaborate with us to create a ‘working showroom’ all over again. 
Incorporating custom-built storage solutions and bespoke features every corner tells a story of thoughtful design. These bespoke touches are not just for show – they are proof of how we can seamlessly integrate clever ideas to meet the unique needs of every client. 
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